If anyone wants to visit Marlins Park during Derek Jeter’s ownership tenure next season, don’t plan on making a stop at the stadium’s legendary Bobblehead Hall of Fame.

The bobbleheads weren’t part of the sale of the team, and Loria is reportedly donating them to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

This is delightfully ridiculous.

Loria released a statement, via the Miami Herald.

“There is only one location for this collection to be permanently housed: The Hall of Fame,” Loria said in a statement released by the Hall. “I am very proud to be working with Hall of Fame Chairman Jane Forbes Clark and Museum President Jeff Idelson to create a special opportunity for the Museum’s hundreds of thousands of annual visitors.”

The Hall of Fame also released a statement, noting that the collection would be displayed in an exhibit space.

According to the Hall of Fame, the Museum in Cooperstown “will designate an exhibit space to house the collection.”

“”Bobbleheads have been an integral part of the baseball landscape since the 1960s, and serve as an example of baseball’s contribution to popular culture in America,” Clark said. “We are thrilled to have this marvelous collection of baseball art that Jeffrey built. Bobbleheads are of great contemporary significance to the game we all love.”

Loria’s bobblehead collection has over 900 statues. Last month, prior to Hurricane Irma smashing Miami, the Marlins bubble wrapped the bobbleheads as part of their hurricane prep.

The bobblehead museum opened with the stadium in 2012. ESPN reported then that Loria had purchased over 600 bobbleheads from the visiting clubhouse man of the Houston Astros.

And now, they’re heading to Cooperstown. There’s really no better place for it, and it would be cool if the museum kept adding to the collection and displaying the bobbleheads based on current events around MLB.

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