The town of Joliet, Illinois is well known for its prisons. So much that they named the local independent baseball team the “Slammers.”

But the team is taking that to another level as they scheduled a giveaway to hand out a thousand mini models of the Joliet Correctional Center for the Frontier League All-Star Game.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Joliet Correctional Center is a rather well known prison. You may not have known the name when you saw it but the prison, since closed, has been used for filming in many shows and movies. Some notable things set at the prison is BonesPrison Break and most famously in the opening of The Blues Brothers.

In a way, it’s a great idea for the Slammers. By having this giveaway, where there will be many out of town visitors, it can be a way for a town to show visitors what they’re all about. Regardless, it’s still a strange thing to give away.

[Joliet Slammers]



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