It’s a good thing Kris Bryant was paying attention. In the Chicago Cubs’ game against the New York Mets Wednesday, Mets’ center fielder Juan Lagares led off the sixth inning with a heat-seeking missile going straight for Bryant’s crotch. Fortunately, the Cubs’ third baseman got his glove to the ball just in time for a great snag.

Somehow, that wasn’t even the weirdest play of the night involving Bryant. In the bottom of the sixth, he lofted a double down the left field line. Well, maybe it could have been a triple. But the ball disappeared in between the wall padding that marks the foul line and the brick wall in foul territory — a true gapper — for a ground-rule double.

If you’re a Cubs fan who’s worried Bryant has spent too much time focusing on non-baseball-related activities like sending personalized thank-you notes to fans who sent him wedding gifts, clearly he’s doing just fine. Through six innings, Bryant was 2-for-3 with a walk and three runs scored. That’s 99 runs scored for him with three weeks left in the season. And this is a “bad” year. Oh, and he also managed to avoid great pain Wednesday, and hit one of the weirdest doubles you’ll ever see. Not too shabby.

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