MLB might be following in the NFL’s footsteps and hold a regular season game with a marquee matchup between the league’s biggest rivalry in London, England.

The Boston Herald reports both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are hoping to square off in London. The recently signed CBA indicates players will be part of international games in the future and London is being eyed as the possible location for an international match. Yankees president Thad Levine told the Herald he’s hopeful a game can be scheduled.

“The Yankees have been at the forefront of suggesting that we bring the great game of baseball to London,” said Levine in an email. “There have been some meaningful attempts to do so, and we are hopeful and confident that we can play there soon. Playing the Red Sox in London would be a special and unique event.”

It’s not a sure-bet the international matchup will happen right away, as logistics need to be figured out, such as filling in lost home game ticket revenue and where the game will be held. The Herald reports nothing’s been finalized, but the Sox, Yankees, and New York Mets are likely to play in London at least once over the next five seasons.

Nothing is official, but the fact talks are being had and public statements by potential teams participating are being made, it’s a good sign we’ll eventually see MLB play a game in London eventually. Growing the game internationally and making it more than ‘America’s National Pastime’ could do wonders for the already, wildly successful sport.

I wouldn’t expect a London MLB team soon, like one that’s been speculated for the NFL, but who knows? Maybe in 20 years when multiple games have played, the league will consider England a feasible destination since it’s been battle-tested. Regardless, the potential matchup means nothing but good things for the league and its place across the pond.

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