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MLB teams combined for an incredible ‘Last Christmas’ Twitter thread

By Christmas Eve, everyone in America is pretty sick of Christmas music. You hear the same seven songs over and over until “All I Want for Christmas is You” begins to burn your ears.

So it’s understandable if at this point you don’t want to hear “Last Christmas” again for at least 11 months.

But Major League Baseball teams are apparently awash in Christmas spirit and tolerance for overplayed Christmas songs because on Saturday afternoon almost half of them combined for an incredible gif-filled Twitter thread featuring every lyric to Wham!’s hit.

It all started with the Phillies:

This was probably coordinated ahead of time in a ploy for a little offseason attention, but it’s much more fun to think it was actually a spontaneous eruption of Christmas spirit. Or every team in baseball had a bad breakup all at once.

Regardless… Merry Christmas!

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