Umpires' wristband protest

Less than 24 hours after umpires decided to wear white wristbands to show solidarity against abusive player behavior, they decided to end their protest. Now we know the umpires stopped wearing the wristbands because MLB threatened to fine them if they continued to do so, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney:

Major League Baseball notified the umpires in writing that the wristband protest would lead to fines, industry sources tell Olney.

On Sunday, the umpires ended their protest. Commissioner Rob Manfred offered to meet with their union’s governing board.

The protest began in reaction to Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler’s disparaging comments about longtime ump Angel Hernandez. While Kinsler was fined $10,000, the World Umpires Association called for a suspension.

On Sunday, the WUA accepted Manfred’s offer to meet and discuss their concerns about verbal attacks and other issues umpires deal with.


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