The Oakland A’s aren’t expected to do much of anything this season, which means the fan experience at the horrendously awful Oakland Coliseum becomes that much more important to keep the turnstiles spinning. So, as any bad team might do, the A’s are lowering beer prices this season.

New team President Dave Kaval has done as much as possible to embrace the fan base and inject enthusiasm for a team that is likely to be moribund on the field, and is there a better way of doing that than by making booze cheaper?

A beer, depending on the size or where it’s from, will cost you either $8 or $10, which while steep in a vacuum, will still be the cheapest beer for any Bay Area sports team. The team is also overhauling the food menu and bringing in food trucks, but cheaper beer is the obvious headliner. Because, obviously, beer.

When a team is coming off back-to-back AL West basement finishes, as well as not doing much to improve on the field, there has to be another way of getting the fans excited and juiced up for the new season. Make it even cheaper, and the fans won’t be able to tell if the team is winning or losing.

Nor will they care.

Plus it’s considerate for the rest of the division, since whichever AL West team ends up clinching a playoff berth in Oakland at the end of the season won’t have to spend too much to celebrate.

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