Tim Tebow’s baseball career exists within perpetual air quotes, and other minor league teams are taking notice.

There’s nothing a minor league team loves more than a gimmick, and on Saturday night, with Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies in town, the Charleston RiverDogs were prepared.

When they announced the Fireflies hitters, they used some pointed scoreboard graphics:

And that wasn’t the only graphic in store:

This was the same game in which Tebow threw a bat into the stands:

The RiverDogs responded to that as well:

That’s an impressive commitment to humor, so it’s probably not a surprise to you if you didn’t know that Bill Murray is a part owner of the team. (He and Anthony bourdain went to a game together on the Charleston episode of Parts Unknown.)

This is appropriate humor, as it’s not truly mean-spirited, but it does cut to the heart of why Tebow’s entire baseball venture feels so much like a sideshow and how it can overshadow his own teammates.

Tebow, 29, is batting .228/.324/.345 in single-A ball.

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