The Cleveland Indians continue to string together wins and look as if they might not lose a game for the remainder of the year. The Tribe’s current winning streak reached 15 games, a franchise record, on Thursday night. That put one local window retailer on the hook for refunding customers a total of $1.7 million.

To celebrate the 15th year of being open for business, Universal Windows Direct ran a sales promotion that has been seen in some form before. In the month of July, any customers who purchased windows would have their purchases refunded by the company if the Indians went on a 15-game winning streak at any point the rest of the year. So, naturally, the window retailer was keeping a mindful eye on the result of Thursday night’s Indians-White Sox game.

Again, here’s what was on the line: A reported total of $1.7 million to 250 customers for Universal Windows Direct. Yeah, those stakes were pretty high.

Any time a company runs a promotion where customers are being refunded for a real-life sports achievement coming to fruition later on, that company takes out a handy insurance policy. This is to ensure the company doesn’t go broke after paying back their customers. Fortunately, Universal Windows Direct took out the necessary insurance policy to cover the ramifications of the promotion, so everybody ends the day happy (except the insurance company, perhaps).

We will see how the rest of the year plays out for the Indians, but we look forward to seeing Universal Windows Direct to running a similar promotion in five years when the Indians rattle off 20 consecutive wins. If you need new windows or doors and live in the Cleveland area, try to hold out another five years if you can.

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