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During her acceptance speech for a career achievement award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, famed actress Meryl Streep fired off some shots at President elect Donald Trump. However, in her attack on Trump, Streep also went after ths sports world, including football and MMA.

“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick ’em all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts,” Streep said. As you might imagine, that particular line did not sit well with fans of football or the MMA world.

UFC president Dana White did not tap out of this story either. In an interview with TMZ, White responded to Streep’s comments by saying MMA is an art.

Of course it’s an art,” White said. “These fighters, these men and women, are so talented. They train their whole lives to be the best in the world. To say something stupid like that is like saying, ‘She’s not a talented actress,’ which she is. She’s a very talented actress.”

Bellator MMA president Scott Coker fired back at Streep with a letter. In it, Coker invites Streep to attend an upcoming event in Los Angeles.


I’m a lifelong fan of your work but also a lifelong martial artist who happens to promote mixed martial arts around the world.

The global sport of mixed martial arts celebrates male and female athletes from all around the world who work years tirelessly honing their craft and- yes-art. They come from every country and every walk of life. We at Bellator support them and honor their skill.

Please be my guest at the LA Forum on January 21 and you will see that Mixed Martial Arts is truly artistic – which will feature fighters from all over the world competing at a world class level.

Scott Coker

President Bellator MMA

Who wouldn’t love to see Streep sitting cageside at an MMA event? This is a thing that absolutely needs to happen, and she’ll probably even win an ESPY for her guest appearance or something.

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