One of the best recurring segments Conan O’Brien has done on Conan on TBS is Clueless Gamer, where he, web guy Aaron Bleyaert and a celebrity will play a new game and react to it. Conan openly admits to not liking or fully understanding video games, so seeing him riff on them when playing horribly is peak entertainment.

Conan dropped another edition last night, as UFC star Conor McGregor helped preview the soon to be released UFC 2.

McGregor didn’t hold it back, showing the same confidence he does in the ring, saying “I like you Conan but I’m going to whoop your ass. There’s no friends in here now.”

The two share a laugh over a specially created Conan fighter and start the fight. McGregor has a more focused approach while Conan button mashes. Predictably, Conan loses quickly.

Clueless Gamer

The two put down the controllers and Conan asks McGregor what he would do if he was trash-talking him at a bar and approached him. The UFC says he wouldn’t even let him close before talking him down. When asked what he fears about Conan, McGregor said “absolutely nothing,” when showing him how he would take him down.

While McGregor lost at UFC 196, he can take solace in handily beating Conan in a video game. It surely feels the same, right?

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