One of the best sports bar conversations and debates is which sport sees the biggest gap between high school, college, and the pros. With the number of high school players that have gone directly to the pros over the years and found success, you would think basketball would have the smallest gap amongst the major sports.

Let this video show you otherwise.

On offense we have DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors, a three-time NBA All-Star.

On defense we have Marvin Bagley III, who is the #1 recruit in the 2018 class according to ESPN.

Let’s see what happens when the 6’11” Bagley tries to check the 6’7″ DeRozan one-on-one in a recent Drew League game. Could the high school sensation stop the NBA superstar?

Uhhh… no.

DeRozan not only put Bagley on the deck, he then threw the ball to Bagley to pour salt into the wound. Maybe it’s a good thing for high schoolers to get that one year of playing in college after all. On the bright side, Bagley would still probably be in the Top 10 players in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.


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