I’m not exactly sure when the trend started where after every free throw attempt the shooter is given fistbumps or fives from teammates on the court, but it has been around for a long time now. Despite the routine being around for as long as it has, you may not have ever seen a player on the opposing team try to give the free throw shooter a five, right? Well, cross this one off the bucket list, even if Jimmy Butler was left hanging.

Here’s the setup:

Marcus Morris of the Detroit Pistons was at the charity stripe, with his team trailing the Chicago Bulls by a score of 65-61. After having his shot clank off the rim, Morris transitions smoothly into the teammate five routine. As he starts to make his way back to the free throw line, Butler gets in on the fun and extends his left arm toward the Pistons player, only to be left with no reciprocal love from his opponent.

Was Butler just having a good sense of humor? Showing some good sportsmanship? Trolling Morris? Or did he simply forget which team was taking the free throw and think one of his Chicago teammates was at the line? Whatever the case may be, we can all feel the sense of regretfulness Butler may have felt, because it never feels good to lay one out there for a guy only to be shunned with your hand out just waiting.

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