Jonathon Simmons dunk

Poor, poor Meyers Leonard. Jonathon Simmons put the Trail Blazers center on a poster for life when he threw down a dunk of the year candidate late in the fourth quarter of Monday’s game:

All MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard could do was shake his head on the bench. Although considering how little Leonard talks, it probably doesn’t take much to make him speechless.

But still.

Man, Simmons threw that down right in Meyers Leonard’s grill. He basically could’ve turned his head and made out with Leonard at the apex of his jump:

Amazingly, these highlight reel plays have become not too uncommon for Simmons, a D-League success story. He also had this Lebron-esque chase-down block a few months ago:

At least the Blazers got the last laugh, coming back from down five in the final 75 seconds to win 99-98 on Noah Vonleh’s buzzer-beater:

But of course, the game was meaningless as San Antonio is locked into the No. 2 seed in the West and Portland is stuck at the No. 8 seed.

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