Kobe Bryant wants to turn the negative energy sent towards Ronda Rousey and make it a positive, following her second-consecutive UFC TKO loss.

In her big comeback at UFC 207, Rousey was destroyed by opponent Amanda Nunes in a match lasting just 48 seconds. Following the defeat, Rousey’s attitude and performance were roundly criticized, as she became an easy target after the stunning defeat.

The iconic former Lakers star tweeted on Saturday that instead of cheering on Rousey getting defeated, people should give her a standing ovation for putting UFC on the map. Bryant also used the hashtags #pioneer and #muse to describe Rousey:

This isn’t the first time Rousey had Bryant in her corner, as he gave her support and advice following her initial loss to Holly Holm.

Bryant’s words on Friday certainly ring true. Rousey’s dominant performance in the UFC is a big reason why the sport is where it’s at today. She was the sport’s premiere athlete and made paying for pay-per-views — even if the fight only lasted 30 seconds — worth it. You can’t name five UFC stars who helped shape the game without crediting Rousey.

Bryant’s been scrutinized throughout his NBA career and has suffered from some tough losses and personal performances. But, as he’s mentioned before, it’s how you bounce back from those L’s that matters. Rousey was obliterated on Friday night, but that doesn’t nullify her history in the sport. Hopefully, Bryant’s tweet helps some people realize that.

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