The timeline makes it look like Kyrie Irving and the city of Cleveland would never get along again, but Irving is doing whatever he can to make sure he still has fans in Ohio.

On July 21st, Irving devastated LeBron James by requesting a trade. On July 27th, the Cavaliers couldn’t get in touch with the star. Finally on August 30th after the trade nearly fell apart, Irving was sent as part of a blockbuster deal to the rival Boston Celtics.

But Kyrie still wants the Cleveland fans to know how much they mean to him, and he’s working towards proving that to them through a heartfelt video posted on social media.

Here’s a portion of what Irving said to Cavs’ fans in the video:

“Hey everyone, what’s going on? Man, it’s hard to make videos like this because you understand the magnitude of the decisions that you make in your life can affect a lot of people all at once,” Irving said. “When you get to that point and you understand that the best intentions for you, and ultimately to be in your truth and find out what you really want to do in your life and how you want to accomplish it. That moment comes and you take full advantage of it…”

“There are no other ulterior reasons other than being happy and wanting to be somewhere where you feel like it’s an environment conducive for you maximizing your potential as a human being and as a player perfecting your craft,” Irving said. “I put a lot of hours in and a lot of work into just trying to accomplish things that I have dreamt of as a kid, and it started with — not only going to Duke but getting drafted number one by Dan Gilbert and his ownership group, Nate Forbes, and also the ‘bald guy,’ as he likes to be called. Then their families, and Nick Gilbert actually put in the draft call which was awesome, because I ended up meeting him at the draft lottery. They took a chance on a 19-year-old kid who was coming off of a stubbed right toe, of being in a very, very immature place at the time because what 19-year-old doesn’t take their time in making decisions.”

For all the headaches Irving has caused the city of Cleveland, Cavaliers fans, and the NBA as a whole, the All-Star guard is really doing whatever he can to make sure he doesn’t have any enemies on the court or in the stands.

Based on some of the replies to the video, it looks like Irving’s plea may have worked on some.

Unsurprisingly it didn’t work on everyone.

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