Larry Bird face

Indiana Pacers’ president and NBA legend Larry Bird may not be suiting up on the court any more, but he still gets very into the games. Bird’s angry faces when things aren’t going well for his team have become quite the meme over the years, and that was particularly true following LeBron James’ breakaway dunk in the Pacers’ Game Two clash with the Cleveland Cavaliers Monday. (Which didn’t go well; the Cavs led 96-78 at the end of the third quarter, and while the Pacers closed the gap in the fourth, Cleveland still won 116-111 in the end.) Here’s a clip of the dunk in question and Bird’s reaction:

Here’s a better look at Bird’s reaction alone:

And some of the best jokes about him:

Bird also got attention for another shot of him:

Which created more jokes:

This might have been the best one, though.

It’s true: Sam the Eagle is an angry Bird.

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