How many championships did Kobe win? Can you name who they were against or how long those series went? Did he play well in all of them?

How about Jordan? How many? Against who? How many games? Did he play well (you can probably guess on that one). Which game was the flu game? Which year was the 72-10 year?

If you’re older than me, how about Magic or Bird? Feel free to do the same for Shaq or Duncan as well if you really want to nerd out.

Now some of you are cracking your knuckles right now, showing your encyclopedia knowledge of basketball. I can get through some of the questions above but I imagine many of you can only fill in a few of the details for some of the questions.

I point this out to show that most of us really just remember high level information for sports teams that are not our own. The specific circumstances fade because they weren’t historic and a lot of it begins to blend and or fade.

With that in mind, here are some things I’m confident that a huge amount of sports fans will never let fade about this series regardless if you were rooting for or against the Cavs:

– They came back down 3-1.

– The Warriors were 73-9 and heavy favorites

– It was LeBron’s 3rd championship, Cleveland’s first, and came after he left for Miami in terribly douchey way only to come back.

– The Warriors had beat the Cavs the year before.

– Game 7 went down to the last minute

– This insanity

I don’t have much to really add other than what LeBron and the Cavs just did was historic/memorable enough where it’s going to get permanent shelf space in our memory. That’s really a true rarity in sports and in life.

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