Raptors player decides it’s a good idea to pull his pants down while opponent shoots a free throw

When a player on the visiting team attempts a free throw in a basketball game, fans will do some pretty wild things to distract the shooter.

We’ve seen guys in speedos dance among some of the more traditional approaches like chanting and singing.

On Thursday, however, we might have seen a player get involved in these sorts of shenanigans. While Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors was taking a free throw Thursday, Toronto Raptors center Lucas Nogueira decided it was the perfect time to pull his pants down:

I get that you’re a pro athlete and can be proud of your physique, but why? Regardless of his motive, this is just kind of weird. At least wait to do this until you’re back is not facing the TV camera.

We still don’t know the motive behind Nogueira’s pants to his ankles routine. Seriously, how does no one ask about this after the game?

But after all of this, Favors did miss. So, be prepared from some doofus NBA player to try this tactic himself. And we’ll be there to cover it all!

[FOX Sports]

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