russell westbrook

Russell Westbrook isn’t known for his long-range shooting, but on occasion the Thunder point guard can connect from distance.

Westbrook showed off his accuracy Wednesday when he absent-mindedly tossed the basketball toward a referee… and hit him squarely in the head.

Westbrook was assessed a technical foul for the incident, and he was not pleased about it. His reaction is actually kind of hilarious, as he progresses from trying to warn the ref to feeling exasperated about his misfortune to being outraged about the tech to collapsing in frustration.

And though there’s a 99 percent chance this was an accident, it’s fun to imagine that Westbrook was pissed about a call and took his anger out with deadeye aim.

In the future, Westbrook should probably pay attention to where he’s throwing the ball. But maybe refs should also be careful not to wrong him… just in case.

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