A fan of the Golden State Warriors included the following words in something he sent his favorite team: “It fooled Hitler.”

Never thought you’d read that huh? Well, it’s true. A fan sent the Warriors a detailed WWII-inspired strategy that he believed could help his favorite team defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Here is the letter in all its glory:

“As I want the Warriors to win tonight, here are my two cents on strategy.

Use the Cavaliers’ own strategy against them. As they are bullying Curry, use their double-teaming to keep them WAY beyond the arc. Use Curry primarily as a DECOY to keep the game 4-on-3 close in. This strategy was actually used in WWII using General Patton as a non-functioning decoy in charge of a fake Army of rubber tanks and trucks at Calais. It fooled Hitler in thinking D Day would be coming from Calais.

Have the four Warriors who are close in pass the ball quickly from corner to corner to keep three Cavaliers off guard until a shot opportunity presents itself. If they happen to get off Curry he can shoot or make a play.

I hope this kind of strategy is agreeable to and encourages Curry who appears to shoot less when he is being bullied.

Good luck! I hope we will win.”

Whoa nelly, that’s interesting and really weird.

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to invoke WWII history in a letter to your favorite sports team, just stop.

D-Day is a sacred day in American History and nothing will ever compare to it. By trying to draw comparisons between D-Day and how Golden State should utilize Curry against Cleveland, this fan is trying to compare apples to dog toys.

Also, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT CURRY TO BE A DECOY? That basically implies that you don’t want to use him at all since he would be a decoy. And that is you know, stupid. (Nerdy note, too; Patton wasn’t in charge of a fake army “at Calais.” His fake army was at Dover, on the other side of the English Channel, to try and signify an invasion of Calais.)

Finally, if you’re a Warriors fan trying to present Golden State with evidence that they should use WWII era strategy to win a title, you should probably stop being an NBA fan. There is no way the Warriors will pay attention to this.



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