Is there anything reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry can’t do from a great distance?

The superior Splash Brother went for a fan’s unusual autograph request — hook, line and sinker.

Here’s the setup: Friday night, when arriving at Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia for practice in advance of Saturday’s game between his Golden Stae Warriors and the homestanding 76ers, Curry was approached by a fan and his young son… but not in a way you’d ever expect.

Let the images tell the story:

From WAY downtown… JOHN HANCOCK!

Is there anything this guy can’t do from more than 23 feet?

The touching moment — defined by the great lengths to which a father wanted to give something special to his son — paints yet another vivid picture of how Curry is the “it” athlete in American sports. Curry’s popularity sits at the center of the Warriors’ remarkable ability to dominate much of the sports news cycle, even as the nation prepares for Super Bowl 50 and the climax of the NFL season.

The Warriors have been must-watch TV over the past few months, with Curry establishing himself as the singular “can’t-look-away-from-him” athlete in North American team sports. The NBA playoffs are still more than 70 days away, yet a team in the league has managed to capture the imaginations of fans across the country.

The image shown in the video above has a Biblical quality to it. The scene recalls how the crowds in the Scriptures wanted to get the smallest glimpse or touch of Jesus. Stephen Curry is, perhaps, a savior of the Golden State Warriors; his salvific qualities don’t extend beyond the things he’s done for a basketball organization. He’s certainly no divine figure. That he has touched fans on such a powerful level, then, is testimony to the cultural imprint he and the Warriors have left on the American public.

The moral of the story: If you want to fish for a long-distance autograph, go where it’s wet and ask a Splash Brother named Steph.

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