Everyone went to middle school with a kid who could solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than should have been possible.

At least, I did. (His name was Stan, and he was awesome.) I also owned a Rubik’s Cube from a young age, and I believe I solved it once. I also got really close one time and couldn’t finish it, so I just pulled the colored stickers off and put them in the right spot. It was just as satisfying, to be honest.

Anyway, here’s Alabama punter JK Scott at championship game media day. He’s handed a Rubik’s Cube (or maybe he has his own?) and is asked his personal best for solving, which is 1:19. (As in, one minute, nineteen seconds.) Apparently he’d just done this for other reporters as well. He’s now a Rubik’s Cube punter, and if he ever punts in the NFL, that’s exactly what Jon Gruden is going to focus on.

But he’s a good sport here and agrees to do it again:

My goodness that’s fast! The stunned expressions of his teammates are also an underrated part of the video, though the reporter trying to ask him questions throughout annoyed me a bit. He’s going for a personal best here! Let the man work!

I guess when you’re the punter for the best team in college football, you have a lot of time on your hands.

Scott does still have a bit of work to do to catch up with Florida DB Nick Washington:

But that’s not a knock. Also, if Bama blows out Clemson tonight, I want one shot of Scott on the sidelines solving a cube. Please.


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