New Belgium Colorado State beer

Universities are businesses, and they’re always looking for new revenue models. Enter craft beer.

Colorado State University and New Belgium Brewing Company, both located in Fort Collins, Colorado, announced Tuesday that they would be teaming up to start a new beer called “Old Aggie” Superior Lager, with a retro depiction of the school’s ram logo on the can.

New Belgium has donated to Colorado State athletics before, but this will be the first joint business venture between the two companies. The beer will first be released in Fort Collins on July 1.

Other universities across the country have partnered with local breweries to create their own university-labeled beer. However, given the hesitance of institutions of higher learning to be associated with alcohol, those plans have hit snags before. In Louisiana, a state representative targeted LSU and UL-Lafayette’s beer partnerships, and higher-ups within LSU vowed to take a closer look at the partnership.

Beer is good, so hopefully this latest venture works out.

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