Frank Kaminsky

Former Wisconsin Badgers’ forward and current Charlotte Hornet Frank Kaminsky has previously taken shots at the NCAA for not paying players, and he did so again Friday in relation to the organization’s sanctions against Louisville’s men’s basketball team, which seem likely to include vacating their 2013 NCAA championship and numerous other games. Kaminsky made the point that while those games may be officially considered to have never happened, the NCAA isn’t going to give the money it got for them back:

The “asking for a friend” is a nice touch there. And Kaminsky has a point on a couple of fronts. On one front, he helps illustrate the absurdity of changing history after the fact, and on another one, he points out just how much the NCAA is profiting from games (and yet, punishing Louisville for extending impermissible benefits, albeit problematic ones). At least he’s now in the NBA, where he can actually be paid for the money he’s helping to bring in. No response from Dan Dakich yet.

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