Kansas will be playing TCU in primetime on FOX this Saturday. The Jayhawks are 37.5 point underdogs. The nation doesn’t need to see #4 TCU do whatever they’re going to do to Kansas, but we’re going to see it anyway.

Our Sean Keeley pointed out just how unfortunate this scheduling choice is:

In spite of their putrid performance in recent weeks, Kansas will play the No. 4 TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday in what will be the Jayhawks’ first prime-time, nationally-televised game since Nov. 21, 2009. It’s also going to be their first national appearance on FOX since they played in the 2008 Orange Bowl, which feels like a millennium ago. Oh, and did we mention Kansas is a 37.5-point underdog on Saturday, the widest spread of any college football game between two FBS schools this weekend?

And after FOX pointed to the recent history of close games in this particular series:

Technically, he’s right. Despite the fact that TCU has been generally very good and Kansas has been generally very bad since the two became conference-mates in 2012, the budding “rivalry” has produced a lot of reasonably-tight football games. TCU has won all five contests but the widest margin of victory was just 14 points (2012). Last year’s contest was a 24-23 squeaker and TCU hasn’t won by more than six points since 2013.

Couple that with the results of last weekend, when multiple top-ten teams faltered against underdog opponents, and it looks like FOX is willing to gamble that lightning will strike for them as well.

However! There’s one group of people who very much don’t expect lightning to strike: Kansas football fans.

When thew news broke on Twitter,  the responses were, well, see for yourself:

There are more, too.

Sean’s piece dove into the details of how and why this game ended up here for FOX, and it’s certainly worth reading for that. And it’s not Kansas’s fault they’re going to go out and serve as a likely sacrificial lamb while TCU attempts to impress the college football playoff committee.

However, having read all of these rational, realistic fan perspectives, I really want Kansas to win now.

(They won’t.)

[KC Star]

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  • Walt_Gekko

    And I would not be surprised if Yankees-Astros goes the distance, this game is moved from FOX to FS1:

    While Yankees-Astros is scheduled for FS1 on Saturday, there is likely in my opinion going to be pressure (especially if the Yankees go up 3-2 tonight) from elected officials in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to move Game 7 of Yankees-Astros if that winds up happening to FOX so those in New York and so forth that do not have cable can see it. I’m sure FOX and MLB already are likely hearing from legislators in all three states (if only privately) demanding FOX be prepared to move Game 7 of Yankees-Astros if it comes to be to FOX to appease such legislators constituents. It would not be the first time either that elected officials in the New York area moved such either.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      W_G: That’s a really good call.
      The only reason I can think of for that NOT to happen is if FOX has guaranteed the Big 12 an OTA prime time telecast.

      Also, that game will be buried by Michigan @ Penn State and USC @ Notre Dame, each starting 30 minutes earlier.