Kansas State’s game-winning touchdown was the most Bill Snyder formation ever

Kansas State beat Texas A&M 33-28 last night in the Definitely a Pyramid Scheme Bowl. The deciding touchdown was this 1-yard run, which came midway through the 4th quarter.

What was that? I mean, it’s a obviously QB sneak, but what do you call that formation? Looking at the photo up top, there aren’t even any extra lineman here. It’s just 2 TE and 3 running backs who push the QB (which is not allowed). As SBN points out, this isn’t new for Kansas State, as they used this earlier in the game.

photo: SBN

photo: SBN

As SBN points out, they ran the same formation earlier this year.

photo sbn

photo sbn

Twitter certainly enjoyed this offensive innovation as much as I did.

God bless offensive pioneer Bill Snyder. In general, god bless Bill Snyder.

I’ve long HATED the goal-line formation, as stuffing 22 people into a tight area doesn’t really allow any room for a running back to get into the end zone. Split your receivers out wide and then at least two defenders won’t be able to make the tackle, and the safeties have to keep an eye on them as well.

Or you can do this. It’s not pretty and is in fact is kind of ugly, but it seems to work. If it’s good enough for Bill Snyder, then god dammit it should be a staple in every team’s playbook.

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