The Liberty University football team beat Baylor on Saturday 48-45 in one of the biggest college football upsets this decade. The Flames, who play in the FCS Big South Conference, had previously never beaten a Power 5 opponent, but on Saturday they dropped 585 yards on their Big 12 opponents to steal a victory in Waco.

Naturally, everyone at Liberty was pretty pumped. University president Jerry Falwell allowed students to stay out past the school’s strict 12:30 weekend curfew to welcome the team back to campus, then canceled classes on Monday to celebrate.

The reaction of those students is almost scary. That level of excitement is usually reserved for national titles or winning lottery tickets. How terrible must classes at Liberty be if everyone there bursts into uncontrollable pandemonium upon learning that one single day will be canceled?

Of course, given that Monday is Labor Day, much of America has the day off anyway. Liberty’s big win just earned its students something many of their peers at other schools already had.

Anyway, we hope Liberty students enjoy their off day Monday, sleeping in, catching up on homework and definitely not drinking.

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