There are few things we like here more at The Comeback than clever trick plays. And on Monday night, Louisville’s women’s basketball team may have pulled off the most clever of them all.

To start the second half against Duke, Louisville head coach Jeff Walz sent his team into the backcourt standing underneath their own basket. To someone who wasn’t playing very close attention, it looked like Louisville was attacking that goal on offense as just one Louisville player was standing back to receive the inbounds pass.

However, in a brilliant piece of trickeration (or Duke completely falling asleep at the switch) Louisville was going the other way and it led to the easiest two points of Mariya Moore’s career.

While it is a devilishly clever trick play… we’re going to give 30% of the credit to Louisville on this one and 70% of the blame to Duke. Shouldn’t someone, anyone on the Duke team or coaching staff have caught on to the fact that they were defending the same goal they were in the first half? But hey, we can give the Blue Devils a participation trophy…we know how much Louisville coach Jeff Walz hates those.

In this case, it took both teams playing their part to make this trick play work to perfection.

Video via ESPN

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