The Curtain of Distraction strikes again.

The Arizona State University student section has become infamous for its antics which attempt to distract players as they shoot free throws. The group has done everything from use Elvis impersonators, adults dressed as babies and even brought out a male dressed similar to Miley Cyrus with a wrecking ball from the video of the same name.

The group somehow convinced multiple Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps to participate, and he did not let them down. Dressed in a speedo, a swim cap, a bunch of fake medals, a bow-tie and wrist cuffs, Phelps popped out of the curtain with two other shirtless men to distract an Oregon player while he was shooting free throws. It’s¬†performance art at its finest.

Phelps totally commits, flailing his arms around, pretending like he’s swimming. The best part of the distraction is, it totally worked as the Oregon State shooter missed both free throws.

The swimmers has a connection to Arizona State, as his longtime coach Bob Bowman is the swim coach, and Phelps plans to join him as a volunteer assistant when he retires.


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