Some say conference play is when college basketball gets into the real rough and tumble part of their schedule. Missouri and Georgia took it to an entirely different level.

It all began innocently enough when a Georgia basketball player and a Missouri basketball player had a stare down that involved some normal college basketball theatrics. As often is the case, some of the coaches stepped in to defuse the tensions.

The problem this time seemed to be over coaches shoving the opposing players away from their team.

How this hasn’t happened sooner is beyond me. It was only a matter of time that a coach didn’t like how another coach was pushing his players away. Most of the time it ends up being the coach pushing his own player away.

Great camera angle catching what was happening at the time. It looks like Georgia’s Kent Davidson, the director of basketball operations and Missouri’s Steve Shields, an assistant basketball coach were the people that started the coach dust up. 

It doesn’t help that Missouri has started their season so slowly that their head coach is on the hot seat due to the poor start. Tempers tend to flare in those types of scenarios.

Both teams were assessed technical fouls and started the second half with one foul apiece. No one from the incident was ejected.

Who says early January college basketball isn’t exciting?

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