The circus that surrounds the recruiting in college football is a complete disaster. Coaches changing positions seemingly every day late into the process. It never seems fair and it puts a lot on a player to make a decision that could alter their entire life.

Jeffrey Okudah, a recent commit to Ohio State put it all in perspective and allowed us to see a different side of the process. One that many people don’t get to see. He wrote to his mother in the Players’ Tribune, who has been chronically ill since he was two years old, he outlined why he fell in love with the Buckeyes and it isn’t hard to see why they got his commitment.

“Mom, of all of the memorable experiences I had, there’s one in particular that stands out. I think you’ll understand why.

Last June, Coach Schiano at Ohio State said something that really stuck with me. In fact, I think it ultimately played a big part in my decision to go there. He told me, “Jeff, you’ve had a tough life up to this point. It’s time for some good things to happen to you.””

During a time that is supposed to be all about yourself, Okudah hadn’t taken into consideration that he was supposed to finally experience some good in his life. It brings a range of emotions to the forefront at this age it is supposed to be about fun and games, it looks like Okudah has found a place where he can further himself.

He goes on to talk about his goals and it is just as impactful as what he wrote before. He recognizes what it takes to be an accomplished person in life, not just in the NCAA.

“I’ve been told I have the talent to one day achieve my dream of playing in the NFL, and that’s great — but that’s not all that I think I have the talent for. In college, I want to take classes that challenge me to reconsider the way I look at the world. I want to intern at Fortune 500 companies, and to gain experience in boardrooms that are just as competitive as any locker room. And one day, I want to start a business that will ensure that my family will always be comfortable, whether football works out or not.”

This is perspective that is unheard of for someone that is 17 or 18 years old. It makes reading it all the tougher. Attending school is going to help him immensely and college football is a vessel to do so. He picked the right place to be noticed in going to Ohio State, following along with his career will be a hobby all by itself.

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