We can pretty much all agree donuts taste good. And we can probably mostly agree that bacon cheeseburgers taste good as well. So it figures that a donut bacon cheeseburger would taste especially good, right?

Now, you’re probably thinking, that does sound pretty good, it’s too bad it doesn’t exist. WRONG. Southern Mississippi University will be offering the creation during Saturday’s men’s basketball game against Louisiana Tech.

We’re not joking – this is a real item that will be available at tomorrow’s game! #WHITEOUT

A photo posted by Southern Miss Athletics (@southernmissathletics) on Jan 22, 2016 at 10:59am PST

At the risk of sounding too much like a shill for this Southern Mississippi promotion, $5 is a pretty good deal for every 14-year-old boy’s dream sandwich.

Some quick Googling reveals that the donut burger has some fascinating history. It was actually popularized and maybe even invented by famed R&B singer Luther Vandross and named the Luther Burger in his honor. The product has appeared at state fairs across the country and at the home park of independent league baseball team the Gateway Grizzlies.

Needless to say, eating a donut bacon cheeseburger is not good for your health, but neither are a lot of things we do anyway. Heck, most people would be fine eating a donut and then having a bacon cheeseburger a few hours later, so why not combine the two?

Southern Mississippi is 5-11 on the season, so they could use some incentive to draw fans to their games, and what better than a beautiful and hazardous combination of beloved foods?

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