After a day that saw a mind boggling amount of buzzer beating action (exhibit a, exhibit b, and almost exhibit c), the Pac 12 offered up a pair of late night/early morning contributions to the madness. In case you were partying, asleep, or without either the Pac 12 Network or FS1, here is what you missed.

Arizona down 4 with .7 seconds left forces overtime in quite the unconventional way

How do you come back down four with time running out? A three pointer and a foul obviously. Or you could just do this.

The good old made three, intercepted inbound pass, get fouled and make one free throw. The best part rewatching that clip is somehow Bill Walton almost knows what’s about to happen after the made three. While this did force overtime, Oregon was able to overcome Arizona’s unlikely four point last second surge to advance to the conference championship.

Utah goes coast to coast to force overtime against CAL

CAL was losing by one in the final seconds versus Utah when a bucket and a foul put them in position to move onto the championship game against Oregon. Then this happened.

This one really amazes me. 4.3 seconds is not a lot of time and the pass to Lorenzo Bonam is actually behind the free throw line giving him the length of the court to go. He actually takes three dribbles before even reaching half court. I’m actually shocked he didn’t pull up for a long jumper after his fourth dribble as he had a decent look there all things considered and more specifically I think most players would sense time was about to run out. Instead one more dribble and the game tying bucket. This proved pivotal as Utah would go on to knockoff CAL in Overtime.

Bonam’s coast to coast bucket in 4.3 seconds actually bests the famous Tyus Edney tourney game-winning shot which took him 4.8 seconds to get off.

Let’s hope March saves some madness for the NCAA tournament as today’s action was rather gratuitous.


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