You’re young and in the game of a lifetime. If you potentially score a game-tying touchdown, you’re going to celebrate.

For one North Carolina Central player, he took it a little bit too far.

As fate would have it, the celebration from NCCU Eagles wide receiver Quentin Atkinson during the Celebration Bowl against Grambling State was a little too much.

After Atkinson reeled in that 39-yard touchdown, he began to join his teammates in celebrating. What put him over the line was the fact he took his helmet off.

The penalty was enforced during the PAT and it suddenly became a much more difficult kick for kicker Brendan McLaren:

In just seconds, the celebration went from joyous to absolutely despondent. It doesn’t get any more brutal than that. Only having to run a couple of minutes out on the clock, Grambling State was able to hold on and win 10-9.

Celebrations don’t always lead to good times.

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