If you have a Washington State fan in your life, you may have decided to give them a pair of Cougar socks for the holidays (this would be a fairly terrible gift, but that’s not our point here). At the store when you bought these socks, everything would look fairly normal. The school logo is there, the colors are right, so everything would seem to be fine.

Except for one problem… on the inside, the socks say “GO DAWGS”. Uh, whoops.

That’s not a pleasant holiday surprise. The socks were made by Strideline and sold exclusively at Bartell Drugs, a pharmacy chain in the Seattle area. They were worth $18, until the company recalled them because Dawgs are not the mascot for Washington State.

Here’s a statement from the company:

“At least some — possibly all — of our stock has ‘Go Dawgs’ printed on the inside cuff of the socks. Customers with an affected pair may return them regardless of the wear condition of the socks for a full refund.”

245 pairs of the socks were sold, and each of them can be returned to the store for a full refund. But here is the big question: do Washington Huskies socks say “GO COUGS” on the cuff?

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