While this year’s class of NFL Draft quarterback prospects didn’t inspire the masses, next season should be completely different. Right now there are at least three quarterbacks near the top of everybody’s draft boards and 2018 mocks. (Yes it’s never too early for a mock draft!) Those individuals are USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen, and Wyoming’s Josh Allen.

Allen is getting a significant amount of hype as potentially the next Carson Wentz as a high draft pick from a non-power five school. He was the subject of a recent CBS Sports profile about his growing stature in the game and there was one nugget in the piece that will surely raise eyebrows.

Allen says he’s been working out with none other than Johnny Manziel.

“Johnny has been very informative for me,” Allen said. “Not just on the field but off the field, staying out of the spotlight, doing the right things.”

Yes, if there’s anyone who I’d want to learn from in how to stay out of the spotlight it is Mr. TMZ himself JOHNNY MANZIEL. Because Manziel has always gone about his business quietly, right? A real hardhat/lunchpail kind of guy. On second thought…

Ok, maybe we are being too harsh. Perhaps Manziel is teaching Allen what not to do and helping the young quarterback learn from his own mistakes to make a better career for himself in the NFL. Manziel has been conspicuously under the radar since it was revealed he was attempting a longshot comeback to the NFL. It’s now been two years out of the league for Manziel and one would have to think his chances at a return are somewhere between slim and none and probably greatly slanted towards none. If he gets back to the league before Colin Kaepernick, there should be serious inquiries of every single NFL front office.

As far as training for his hoped-for comeback, working with one of the top prospects in college should be a good thing for Manziel. And at least on the field, maybe Allen can learn a thing or two about the college game from the former Heisman Trophy winner. But as far as getting ready for the NFL? Hopefully Allen can learn from Manziel’s mistakes and not repeat them. The last thing the world needs right now is a TMZ Wyoming branch.

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