It’s the offseason, and jovial old man Bill Belichick is out here taking pictures with children. He’s also wearing a pretty offensive shirt while doing so.

To recap, Bill Belichick is wearing a shirt that says “Life is Great” and has a dog and soldier attacking a guy in a turban with a gun. Why is that offensive? The shirt implies that the bad guy is distinguished at least in part by looking Muslim. It’s essentially saying “of course he’s the bad guy, look at him.” Put it another way: Would Belichick wear a shirt with a random, old white guy with a gun being attacked? Probably not.

Belichick has been criticized in the past for his support of President Trump, who has proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States and killing terrorists’ families, which is a war crime.

The shirt comes from a company run by former Navy SEAL and current Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Jim Amann, whose site says the shirt should be worn to celebrate killing Osama bin Laden. The shirt directly rips off the famous “Life is Good” t-shirts, using a nearly identical font and stick figures.

[h/t VICE Sports]

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