If you are a Cleveland Browns fan, don’t come any further. What you are about to see may be too painful to bear.

The Browns have been a wreck since they came back into the league in 1999 after the original franchise moved to Baltimore. Whether former Browns’ owner Art Modell is entirely at fault is an another conversation completely, but the new Browns’ team is seemingly cursed. They can’t get a star out of a draft pick to save their life and they consistently remain a cellar-dweller, year in and year out.

Most Browns’ fans have a good sense of humor (they kind of have to) and are always willing to joke about their recent history, even going so far as to plan a parade for if they finished 0-16 this year. However, this Billy Joel parody video from the staff of FS1’s “The Herd” teeters between humorous and stunningly sad. To the tune of “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” they name all of the quarterbacks that have ever played for the new version of the Browns, and the list isn’t very pretty.

“The Browns are a dumpster fire” is not only the refrain in this song but also a refrain for most fans of the NFL. At some point, though, it does seem likely the team will no longer become the punching bag they currently are. If and when that happens, get as far away from a Browns fan as you can.

Hell hath no fury like a Cleveland fan that has been wronged. For now, enjoy their misery for a little while longer.

[The Herd]

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