The Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are reportedly getting closer to a parting of ways (at least they’re posturing this outcome).

You would imagine this is disappointing  news for Jets fans and players coming off a surprise 10-6 season which saw Fitzpatrick break the franchise touchdown record. Brandon Marshall obviously wasn’t too pleased and rather than utilizing a Twitter rant or an interview expressing his discontent with the situation, he opted to go another route with a subtle teddy bears playing football Instagram video.

@nyjets #MindOverMatter

A video posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshall) on

While this is unlikely to be the impetus into getting the two sides together on a new deal, it does reinforce the message in a creative and subtle way that Marshall would like to see Fitzpatrick return to the Jets. With the free agent QB market being very thin and the Jets not feeling overly confident in Geno Smith, you can imagine why Marshall would opt to do something to show some support for Fitzpatrick as he hits the market. We’ll let it slide that the football changes mid-play and that the teddy bears are wearing different uniforms because the usage of “Harvard 80” more than makes up for the lack of visual continuity.

Sadly if Fitzpatrick’s agent and the Jet’s front office don’t get together on a deal sooner than later, this may be the last Fitzpatrick to Marshall touchdown we’ll see.




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