On Monday, New York Giants receiver Brandon Marshall announced that he would be having season-ending surgery on an ankle injury suffered in the Giants’ Week 5 loss to the Chargers.

Here’s the text, in case it doesn’t render properly.

Tomorrow I’ll have surgery ending year 12. I’m filled with mixed emotions. I wasn’t able to produce for my team the way I wanted to but this was my greatest year to date. This game has shown me who I really am good and bad. This game has given me the opportunity to grow as a man, father, husband, teammate, leader.. . I’m so thankful for this game.. . The biggest lesson I’ve learned about myself is that Adversity kicks my Ass. I’m proud to say that after 12 years I’ve finally became the man I knew I was suppose to be by confronting Adversity with a Smile. Gods Delay isn’t Gods Denial #DueSeason

ESPN’s Adam Schefter then wondered if this could lead to a return to television for Marshall.

Marshall struggled this year, bringing in 18 balls in five games for 154 yards and zero touchdowns for the winless Giants.

Could a return to a TV job be in the cards for Marshall, as Schefter surmised? It seems likely. He was a regular on Inside the NFL over the last three seasons before Ray Lewis replaced him this season because of scheduling conflicts between filming and the Giants’ practice schedule. Following his surgery, those conflicts would no longer exist, though the Giants could keep him around for rehab.

Not all of Marshall’s teams were thrilled with his former gig on Showtime – he believes that’s the reason the Bears traded him to the Jets following the 2014 season. With the Giants now 0-5 and Marshall’s season over, it wouldn’t surprise me if the team didn’t stand in the way of any TV roles Marshall may collect, especially since the team can save $5.5 million on their 2018 salary cap by cutting the 33-year old in the spring.

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