As if the Patriots losing to the Broncos wasn’t enough, a poor guy had to experience one of life’s more disgusting tragedies.

Porta-potties are gross. They obviously are one of the most vile smelling things in the world. The germs in there from other people using it are just as gross, and it’s one of those things that’s a last resort. Don’t use one, unless you absolutely have to.

So when a Patriots fan went into a porta-potty outside of Mile High Stadium, a Broncos fan capped off that Patriots fan’s tough afternoon by kicking down the porta-potty he so bravely entered.

The video doesn’t capture the actual tipping, but shows a Patriots fan being helped out of one that has clearly been knocked over.

This is why going to NFL games gets a bad reputation. Aside from fights that happen in the stands and outside of stadiums, you can’t even use a porta-potty in peace. Hopefully for this guy, it was lightly used and not one of the more frequently used stops outside of Sports Authority Field.

Next time, the safer bet is to go inside the stadium, where you’re much less likely to be disturbed while handling your business.

About Harry Lyles Jr.

Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.