Cam Newton hospital

When people talk about Cam Newton, some often call him selfish. But Newton has done some things that are far from selfish, and the latest is making a sick kid’s Christmas wish come true.

The Carolina Panthers’ quarterback chartered a flight to Atlanta and visited a ten-year-old boy with a heart condition.

Austin Deckard is dealing with severe pulmonary hypertension. His wish for Christmas was to meet Newton, and after Deckard’s teacher Courtney Cooper spread his story on Facebook, Newton was more than happy to make that wish come true.

Deckard’s reaction immediately brought tears to my eyes. There was genuine joy on his face and it never went away. For all the criticisms that are levied against athletes, these types of moments never seem to fail. They appeal to everyone and are utterly selfless.

Here’s what Cooper wrote in her emotional post about the young boy.

Austin may not ever make it to an Auburn football game but I know social media is a strong force that can make things happen, let’s use it for something positive and spread this like wildfire and somehow, someway get the word to Cam Newton and give this precious little boy his wish.”

The teamwork it took for this young boy to get this wish fulfilled is nothing short of amazing. Lot of people in his corner, wanting to help. Now Newton is on his side. What a Christmas indeed.


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