StubHub Center in Carson, California seats roughly 27,000 spectators. That’s a lot of people in theory but in NFL terms, that might as well be a backyard hang out.

It might be disconcerting, then, for the league to know that this stadium just south of Los Angeles will also be the home of the Los Angeles Chargers for at least the next three seasons. While they wait for the new state-of-the-art stadium they’ll share with the Los Angeles Rams to be built in Inglewood, the Chargers have to make due here after burning their bridge with San Diego.

So how exactly does the franchise plan on turning a 27,000-seat stadium built for soccer into a den of NFL excitement? As the Los Angeles Times reports, they’ve worked hard to make it seem like there’s a whole lot more people there on gameday.

First things first, the Chargers are literally putting more butts in seats by adding three rows of field-level bleachers in at least two end zone corners. That’s expected to bring in a couple hundred more fans willing to pay extra to be close to the action. The stadium is also replacing second-deck bleachers with seats while also creating two new bleacher sections in the second and third levels, all of which adds over 1,300 new seats.

All 43 luxury suites have been renovated to include new seats, tables, and hardwood floors. The team will certainly be leaning on the revenue generated from these pricey perches to offset what they lose in lack of capacity (not to mention their sky-high ticket prices).

Concessions stands and restrooms have been added and patrons will also be able to use those inside the tennis stadium next door. An area dedicated to food and beer trucks has also been created. At least 16 food trucks will be available on gamedays and the area will also boast large televisions, an outdoor bar, and stages for entertainment and pre-game programming.

Fans aren’t the only ones who needed to be accommodated. StubHub Center wasn’t built with the juggernaut that is the NFL in mind and that means making more space for league officials, media members, and of course the players. As such, the press box, radio booths, league official booths, and locker rooms were all upgraded, renovated, or created to fit needs.

Even with all of the upgrades and add-ons, it’s hard to imagine the stadium will be able to provide the cavernous experience that massive NFL stadiums usually give. Michael Roth, vice president of communications for AEG, says there’s a way that StubHub Center can lean into that and use it as a selling point.

“Everybody is so close to the field that every visual sense will be heightened. You’ll smell some of the sweat, you’ll touch the players when they come over the sides, you’ll hear them … it’s football for the senses.”

Actually, Michael, that sounds kinda gross.

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