It’s rough to be a Chargers fan right now.

First off, those in San Diego had to watch the team move to big, bad Los Angeles. To make matters worse, folks who still want to see the Chargers in person for the 2017 season are going to have to pay a pretty penny.

With the team playing in only a 30,000-seat stadium — Stubhub Center — during the 2017 season, tickets are expected to be pricey. The average price is expected to be $192 per seat — and this is just the rate for season ticket holders.

Here’s a look at the eight teams that will play the Chargers at the Stubhub Center:

The team’s 2017 home schedule features the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and AFC West rivals Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. The NFL will announce the full schedule in April.

For only an average ticket price of $192, you can see the Cleveland Browns in person!

Of course, Chargers ownership is making up some BS excuses about the intimacy of this new venue. I won’t waste your time on that. However, I will let you hear about how expensive these tickets are compared to other NFL franchises:

The Chargers’ 2017 average price is $60 more than the NFL’s 2016 highest average season ticket price of $131.90 for the Chicago Bears. It also is more than double the $84.55 average price the Chargers charged last season in 70,561-seat Qualcomm Stadium, which was 22nd in the league.

The Rams had an average season ticket price of $72.71 at the 91,000-seat Memorial Coliseum last season.

At least the team only has to get 30,000 in the door to call it a good turnout. Anything more than that, and I assume the team would be struggling. Good luck getting folks to turn out at those prices.

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