Johnny Manziel in disguise printed on hilarious T-shirt

Unless you’re a Browns fan, it’s pretty hard not to find amusement in the latest round of Johnny Manziel drama.

According to ESPN, Manziel spent Saturday night at a Las Vegas club, wearing a blond wig and fake mustache and going by the name Billy, an absurd story that naturally prompted some fun imaginings of Manziel’s costume. But you know what’s even better than photoshopped Internet memes? Photoshopped Internet memes on T-shirts.

These shirts cost $25.99 on, a website that offers an array of graphic tees and sweatshirts, many of them sports-themed. They’ve got Cam Newton dabbing, Jose Bautista flipping his bat and Bryce Harper, uh, looking icy.

Johnny Football is depicted making his signature “money” gesture and wearing his own No. 2 Browns jersey but decked out in a blond wig and mustache, as in the ESPN report. The shirt cleverly has the name Billy across the back.

It seems the only people not amused by Manziel’s self-defeating antics are the Browns, who are “so done” with the quarterback, according to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

At this rate Manziel might need a disguise just to get around Cleveland without hearing jeers.

Alex Putterman

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