The Chicago Bears haven’t gotten much in the way of competent quarterback play this season. On Monday night, they finally completed a pass longer than 30 yards (related – it’s Week 5), and it didn’t come from benched starter Mike Glennon or rookie Mitchell Trubisky – but instead, punter Pat O’Donnell.

Hey! That’s a legitimately well-executed play, and a great play call! Sure, O’Donnell looks like the least comfortable person in the world making the throw and couldn’t have been more nonchalant, but Bears fans used to seeing Jay Cutler on a weekly basis are well-acquainted with someone throwing the ball that looks like he doesn’t give a shit where it lands.

Trubisky was 10/20 for 102 yards, no interceptions, and a lost fumble before O’Donnell’s touchdown pass. Glennon, on the other hand, was 93/140 for 833 yards, four touchdowns, and five picks through the first four weeks of the season, so let’s not crown Trubisky’s ass quite yet.

(Cutler, meanwhile, is averaging 5.4 yards an attempt with three touchdowns and three picks for the Dolphins, leading to the third-worst QB rating in the league. Maybe they made the right call after all!)

OR MAYBE NOT! Check out what Trubisky did in the fourth quarter on a two-point conversation attempt.

Sure he didn’t throw the ball on that play, but he *did* nail Zach Miller for a 20 yard touchdown on the prior one!

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