The Miami Dolphins this summer are focusing on an interesting team goal that has absolutely nothing to do with football: They want to register every player on their roster to vote.

According to ESPN, the Dolphins are working on their registration drive with Bill Wachtel and Martin Luther King III of the Drum Major Institute, a community action group founded during the civil rights movement. They reportedly hope to have the entire roster, which currently features about 90 players, registered by Sept. 27, which is National Registration Day.

If they succeed, their effort would be, in a sense, historic.

“The Dolphins are well on their way to being the first professional ball team in American history to have a roster of fully registered voters, and this is just the beginning,” Wachtel said Thursday.

Wachtel says the team is already 90 percent of the way to its goal, thanks in part to owner Stephen Ross’ efforts on the final day of minicamp Thursday.

“The hope is that translates into encouraging more people across our nation to get engaged and to vote,” said King, who is the son of the famous civil rights activist. “Because a voteless people, as Dad said, is a powerless people.”

Though plenty of people, athletes and non-athletes, decline to vote out of apathy or protest, it shouldn’t be too hard to at least get every American player on the Dolphins registered, given that registration is a quick and relatively easy process.

News of the Dolphins’ registration came, coincidentally, on the same day that The MMQB published a survey of the Denver Broncos locker room in which two thirds of players said they did not vote in the 2016 elections.

The Dolphins might not lead the NFL in wins or yards or touchdowns next season, but hey, at least they’ll lead the league in civic engagement.


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