The Cleveland Browns have won a football game. It is completely uncharted territory for them this 2016 season.

After some Browns fans launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes to throw a parade for an 0-16 season, they decided the money would best be donated to a local food bank now that the Browns won. Over $5,000 has been raised as of Christmas Day.

It is a great way to turn a terrible situation into something philanthropic. These are the kind of movements that people can get behind.

The parade itself was in jest of a team that hasn’t been any good this millennia. Fans have every right to be upset and they finally have the tiniest sliver of hope with this win.

If these fans could plan a parade every year, they could make it into a tradition that either way ends in success. Browns fans would start changing the stigma around the team.

Mind you, not every fan has money to throw around but it would make for one hell of a storyline. It brings an entirely new meaning to “plan the parade.”


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