Now that Dean Blandino has gone to the TV side of the National Football League, the NFL is looking for a new face to explain the calls of the officials. They have expanded their search to the point where they have posted the Senior Vice President of Officiating job online for anyone to apply.

The job description is massive but rather straightforward. The two things fans will see the SVP of Officiating do is make replay decisions remote from NYC and to go on various sports shows to explain controversial calls from the NFL’s point of view.

Obviously, there are other things the SVP of Officiating is responsible for. They must assign the refereeing crews to each game, assess their performances after each game and train the referees. They must also answer questions from every NFL team. Which I have to imagine isn’t a great part of the job to deal with pissed off head coaches on Monday morning.

There’s the normal characteristics of the job that applies to any job. Things like “strong attention to detail,” “excellent verbal and written communication skills,” and working well with others. Seriously, has there been any job posting that wanted people who didn’t have verbal and written communication skills?

While there’s nothing stopping you from applying, just take note that the NFL requires a college degree and at least 15 years of relevant experience. Maybe that can be fudged with an immaculate resume and cover letter or if you know someone in the NFL, but you better at least have some experience if you are looking for the job. And yeah, be prepared to have every head coach and most fans hate you.


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